Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I get to work with some amazing books on a daily basis, and we're doing more an more imaging from them. Mostly we fill ad hoc requests for study purposes that are usually simple copy work. I've recently started a few small digitization projects, and we do an increasing amount of work for publication. Again, this is often just higher quality copy work because people are usually interested in reproducing the illustrations. But this year I've been increasingly asked to photograph books as objects, and these are all recent examples of my work that have appeared or will appear in books, magazines, and online features. Mostly I've been figuring it out myself, and I've used two different Canon cameras, our 1Ds mkIII and my own 1000D, as well as our Konica-Minolta PS7000C mkII color book scanner. There was one project involving artists' books where I did part myself and assisted one of our professional photographers on the rest and got to play with some really cool equipment.

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